Brushes, Brushes, Everywhere!

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Brushes, Brushes, Everywhere!


I LOVE PAINT BRUSHES!!! For an artist, there are tons of different supplies available so that you can create literally anything. It’s like being a kid and having lots of fun toys to choose from. Paint brushes are some of MY favorite toys! There’s something very special about paint brushes. Ask most artists and they will tell you they have their favorites - for reasons that are as different as the artists that love them. But then, there are so many choices!! 

My Worst Best Valentine's Day

Happy Gotcha Day to my boys!!Valentine’s Day - when you’re single, it can be lonely; when you’re in a relationship, it can be stressful. Damn the greeting card industry and their made up holiday! Not surprisingly, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. I usually find myself alone or disappointed. But all that changed on February 14, 2013.

Sick of Being Sick

I can't with that face!!This past weekend, I was laid up in bed with a mild case of the flu. I could function, but not well. Lol! Interestingly enough, I took the hint and slept as much as possible. This is surprising because I usually push through things like that and tend to make things worse - go figure! 

Pencil vs Paint

Counterclockwise from top: photo of my Hazel, drawing for prep, finished paintingIn the beginning, I worked strictly in pencil and charcoal. I was young and wanted to just stay in my comfort zone. I used my hands to smudge and blend for my shading. I couldn’t wrap my brain around painting because I didn’t like working with a brush - I couldn’t blend paint the same way with my hands.

How Did I Get Here???

I am an artist.

Pretty obvious statement, dontcha think? Actually, it wasn’t really that long ago that I couldn’t say that. I was an artist, but I didn’t believe in myself. I discovered that I enjoyed art when I was a junior in high school - in my mind, that was late. I thought that artists created as soon as they could hold a pencil. I grew up and went to school with a couple of talented artists. They could draw when we were in elementary school. I didn’t even doodle. How could I possibly be an artist?


Today is June 12, 2018. This day, this month, this time of means a lot of different things to me. Not all of them are happy..and still some of them are. I have so many things on my mind right now, I'm just freezing up. So I think I'm just going to let it all out. If you stick with it, great. If not, I totes understand.

Another Cartoon Break

Once again, I thought I'd take a little break from exploring Misery and Mal and post another of my little comics. *Spoiler Alert: in these little comics, Misery and Mal represent two sides of myself. I'm trying to convince myself to stay positvie...

Telling stories: One story becomes a book

I wrote the first two stories about Misery meeting Little Bear and Misery meeting Miss Spider. Click the link to check out this earlier blog post that features the first story of Misery and Little Bear. They took a little while. I came up with the stories right away - it just took awhile to actually draw it. I was working on it while working on other projects at the same time. And, still, I was writing with no real goal. As I was writing the first story, I realized how much I liked the look.

Telling stories: Misery evolves

When I first started drawing Misery, I mounted the original paper drawings with nails to wooden plaques A view of the original "Fear" (sold) mounted on woodthat I dry brushed black. The overall effect was dirty, imperfect, handmade - exactly as I hoped. This was a truly rare phenomenon! Nothing ever comes out they way it looks in my head. But, right from the get go, Misery was different.

Cartoon Break

So, I love Misery and Mal so much that I have doing doodles with them. This is important because, although I am an artist, I have never been one to doodle. My creativity has never quite worked that way. But these two little rag dolls inspire me! So, to take a little break from my heavy analysis of my creative process, I thought I'd share a few of my doodles with Misery and Mal.

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