Welcome All Misfits!

Welcome to Laughing Goddess Designs!

~ aka The Land of Misfit Art ;-) ~


Welcome to Laughing Goddess Designs.....oh, wait. I guess I already said that...LOL! But, then, that pretty much sums things up! It is my mission to spread more kindness and acceptance through my work - including all imperfections or mistakes...such as repeating oneself :-P

I like mashups and opposites - blending things together in unlikely ways. That's how I am as a person - I'm made up of a lot of things blended together in unlikely ways. That's what it means to be human.

I am on a journey of self discovery and self expression. There is a well known saying, "You must be the change you want to see in the world." I believe these words to be more important now than ever before. My wish is that we all could accept one another, differences and all. I wish that emotional and mental health issues were more widely embraced and discussed. And I believe that these issues are intertwined. 

My art is how I communicate my thoughts and feelings. I am able to connect with others because they recoginze a little bit of themselves in my work. That's how conversations begin. So that is how I am trying to be the change that I wish to see. The more that we talk about what we have in common, the more that we can see that we also share the similar fears and hopes. If I can share my imperfections and fears honestly, I hope to inspire others to do the same.

What makes each of us stand apart is also what makes us beautiful. If that sounds good to you, then join my Creepy Crew. Get a front row seat for my roller coaster journey. But if your own roller coaster is already hair raising, check out some of my work - you might see a corkscrew or two that look familiar to you ;-)

Remember, we are all in this together <3



Decluttering and Recluttering


Happy spring everyone! Now is the season for budding flowers, new baby birds and animals. It is the time to look forward to growth and new beginnings while clearing out clutter - mental and physical. Maybe that's the reason why many people get into spring cleaning.

I'm not really one for spring cleaning. If I feel like I need to purge and refresh, I do it, regardless of the season. And I do believe that it's a good idea to reevalute things in life and shed what no longer works for me. It feels great when I go through my closet and finally get rid of old or rarely worn clothes. I love an organized space. But tackling that kind of project can be really overwhelming, making it feel out of reach.

That's how I felt going into setting up my home studio. I have never had my own studio space, so I wasn't really sure how I wanted it be arranged. one of many work spacesPlus, I have so many different art supplies, tools, tchotchkies and actual artwork that I couldn't imagine organizing the chaos. And I had stuff EVERYWHERE! I had old stuff, hand me down stuff, new stuff still in the package - you name it! Things usually just got stashed wherever I could find a place to put it.

I had been planning and clearing space for my studio - formerly my dining room - for some time. I kept telling myself that having a dedicated art space would make it easier to get work done and motivate me to create. I wasn't sure that I actually believed that. I was afraid that it was a desperate lie I was telling myself to avoid disappointment. However, I knew that part of my block was the fact that I had to gather, set up and put away any project that I was working on - cats and art supplies are not a good combo! So I reasoned, having an area where ALL my supplies were that I could close off was the solution.

By the fall of 2023, I finally finished setting up my studio. So far, it is the best decision that I have made in a while! Lol! My supplies are organized and one of many beautiful messeshave a real home. An area for tchotchkes, a drawer of random fabrics, a space just for adhesives (masking tape, double side tape, hot glue, E6000, packing tape...and on and on! There's more than just white glue out there. Lol!) and that's just a taste. I know where everything is. I have a place for what I already have as well as new things I acquire. I have a large work table as well as other flat surfaces to lay out multiple projects that I'm working on. It is blocked off and can be closed to keep nosy little four-legged boys out. Since I finished setting it up, I've gotten more done than I have in years!

I'm sure to anyone else, my studio looks cluttered - and it is, kind of. I prefer to think of it all as a beautiful mess. I have projects with different media spread out. I have various notes and sketches pinned up everywhere. There are multiple notebooks and sketch pads open and laid out. For me, the creative clutter all laid out means that I have less clutter in my head. I know that I need visual reminders for tasks and projects - if I can see it, I will work on it.

My life is very different than it was four years ago. It has taken me that long to realize that the same old ways were no longer working for me. I am finally embracing the truth that my way is just that - MY way. Maybe it's time to have a little more faith in myself. Be it spring, summer, fall or winter, any time is a good time to do a little cleaning inside and out.




Check This Out!!

Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation, so I am really working on rejuvenating my work! In addition to creating new pieces, I have many unfinished babies that need my attention. One of those babies is "Sloth" a part of a series depicting the 7 Deadly Sins. While this baby is in the final stages, it is part of a series...and I still have 6 more to go! Lol! I really love her and I'm really excited about this series. What do you think? Do you like the idea? I welcome feedback and suggestions - it helps motivate me to press on!

The 7 sins not your cup of tea? If it's a little too heavy for you, I have lots of other sweet babies that might be more your style. Check out some prints, like these and others, in my shop and give them a home. Every little bit helps me and all my little misfits - including the babies yet to come!

Misery Loves Company - Happy printOne Love print





Things are changing at Laughing Goddess Designs: The Art of Georgie Pratt. Misery and the gang are working hard to put together some fun and exciting things for you! (I'm just along for the ride! Lol!) There are lots of new projects in the works and brand new adventures in an ever changing world. More prints and originals are being added as well as lots of other fun swag. With dolls in charge, it's never boring! Join our creepy crew and you'll be in the know as soon as things are unveiled!



Oh, and please be patient and bear with us. A crazy cat lady artist and a bunch of misfit creepy cute dolls running a website is a lot like herding cats...things may not always be neat and tidy, but they sure will be interesting!