**Sale!** Sunset - Original 13"x13" oil painting *orig 79USD

Item Description

"Sunset" is one of my very first nudes. This is the painting that really turned me on to painting the figure in my current style. The color palette and pose always made me feel the way I do when witnessing a magnificent sunset - rested, relaxed and at peace. This little girl has been with me for a very long time and now I feel like it is time to let her go. The person who purchases this piece will forever own a piece of my personal history. I hope that the new owner will care for her as I always have and appreciate her as evidence of my humble beginnings.

13"x13" oil on canvas

Piece is unframed but wired for hanging.

Please understand that colors may vary slightly from what appears on your monitor.

"Sunset" painting copyright 2004 Georgie Pratt. All rights reserved.

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