Buried Alive - 11"x14" Framed Ink and Acrylic on Canvas Board

Item Description

Introducing my newest baby, Shade Noir. Shade is a puppet who has no control over her life, her choices. She has big unblinking eyes that see all, yet no mouth so that she can have no say. It's no secret that Misery Black is a reflection of me. But, like most of us, there are many sides to my personality. Misery is, contrary to what her name suggests, a reflection of my optimism. She is my hope, love, confidence. Shade is the opposite - she is the "shade" or shadow self of Misery - of me. She represents my fear, sadness, powerlessness. Shade may not have a mouth, but she is certainly my voice.

Even before the pandemic, I had been becoming increasingly cynical. It seemed pretty clear to me that, when the previous administration was unfortunately in power, money was more important than humanity. It's really easy in the modern world to become overwhelmed when you're just trying to survive. While a few at the top debate over whether or not people deserve "entitlements", the rest of us become crushed by the weight of their greed and self interests.

Original ink and acrylic on canvas board, framed by hand by moi. Lol! The frame is 11"x14" painted wood with texture accents, wired and ready for hanging.

Please understand that colors may vary slightly from what appears on your monitor.

"Shade Noir" copyright 2019 Georgie Pratt. All rights reserved.

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