One Love - 4"x6" glossy signed print

Item Description

"It doesn't matter that we're different," said Misery, "I love you all the same."

I created this piece the day after the shooting at Pulse nightclub. I live in Orlando and used to go to Pulse when I was young. It had been a long time since I had gone there, but I still remember it fondly. I didn't know anyone that was there personally, but it was an attack on my city, my home, my family. I was deeply affected by the event. I am not LGBTQ, but I am an advocate - as I think any human being should be when it comes to human rights. One of the reasons that I created Misery was to show that we all have our quirks, differences, but we still all experience the same feelings: love, pain, hope, fear....

Don't ever feel alone. There is always someone that can relate. #orlandostrong

Prints may be available in additional sizes upon request.

Printed on glossy photo paper; signed 4"x6" print. It is also available in 8"x10" on request for $15

Print is ready to frame and may be mounted with or without a mat. It will be shipped dry mounted on a cardboard backboard within a protected clear bag.

Please understand that colors may vary slightly from what appears on your monitor.

"Misery Black" copyright 2015 Georgie Pratt. All rights reserved.

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